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Unlocking Board Excellence: The Board Champion


The board of directors plays an essential role in the success and growth of the organization they lead, and in many cases is energized by a board champion who naturally embodies an exemplary commitment to board effectiveness.

A board champion isn’t a role that’s defined and filled, it’s a reflection of an individual’s commitment and self-driven desire to champion the board’s growth and ensure it’s able its work as effectively as possible. The champion could be a director, CEO or other leader who understands why the board needs to take accountability for its performance and effectiveness.

A board champion recognizes and believes that the board plays a key role in the success and sustainability of the business beyond meeting the minimum required for regulatory compliance. They understand that investment in the board’s development is as important as the investments made in a management team.

The board champion works to gain consensus and build awareness around why the board matters, embracing and encouraging a mindset of continual growth for individual directors and the board as a whole. When undertaking the work of the board, a board champion encourages conversations that enhance teamwork and build a culture of trust. They’re intentional about forward-thinking steps and objectives and don’t become complacent when things are going well.

Board effectiveness is an ongoing process rather than a goal to be achieved, and every board member needs to be engaged to take a board to the next level of excellence. A board champion can be the spark that inspires this continued growth.

To learn more about board champions and their role in improving a board’s ability to lead its organization, listen to the FCCS Forward Thinking podcast on Unlocking Board Excellence featuring Leslie Hilton, FCCS Vice President of Governance/Board Development or click here to read the Secrets of Success: The Role of the Board Champion. Contact Leslie at 720.951.2999 or via email to discuss how FCCS can work with your board to increase its effectiveness.

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