Keeping your employees engaged is more important than ever in today’s tight talent market. Engaged employees deliver superior customer service and increased profits. Most importantly, they’re more likely to remain with your organization.

Going beyond surveys, FCCS employee engagement consulting powers organizations seeking to assess and improve the level of engagement among their workforce. Our experienced consultants design, administer, and analyze employee engagement surveys, helping companies gain valuable insights into their employees' sentiments and job satisfaction. These surveys measure factors like job enthusiasm, commitment, and overall workplace morale. 

Our Consultants then provide recommendations and strategies for enhancing employee engagement, which can lead to increased productivity, retention, and overall organizational success. By tailoring solutions to specific company needs, employee engagement survey consulting plays a crucial role in fostering a motivated and loyal workforce.

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Highly engaged employees have been linked to:

  • Increased organizational & individual performance
  • Lower burnout
  • Increased employee happiness
  • Superior customer service
  • Decreased illness & absenteeism
  • Increased profits

FCCS’s proprietary employee engagement survey includes 40 questions that follow 12 themes that measure the three primary categories of employee engagement. The questions have been vetted by professionals who have background and training to succinctly measure each engagement construct in ways that point specifically to areas of strength and opportunities for development. 

Key indicators include:

  • Communication
  • Confidence in Leadership
  • Culture/Climate
  • Growth and Development
  • Innovation
  • Job Alignment and Satisfaction
  • My Immediate Supervisor
  • Service Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Total Rewards
  • Burnout
  • Employee Net Promotor Score

FCCS Employee Engagement Consulting goes beyond surveys. We dive into the complicated art of employee engagement. We analyze your data and engagement drivers to help develop a path to highly engaged and driven employees and an elevated culture. Our experience and expertise in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, communication, talent strategy and succession planning help us create powerful changes in how employees experience their work.

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