Intuition is good. Intuition backed by data-driven intelligence is better.

There was a time when “gut-level” hiring decisions were sufficient. Today, organizations can cost-effectively complement that intuitive sense for a better fit in terms of professional skills and corporate culture.

FCCS uses the best, research-based, statistically reliable instruments available to assess your current team’s potential and connect with external candidates prime for your positions. These include:

  • The Predictive Index, validated as a work-related personality indicator
  • Insight Interviews, a premier structured interviewing tool measuring motivators and drivers
  • HoganSelect, a highly rated leadership assessment system
  • Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, measuring critical thinking skills crucial in today’s workplace
  • ProfileXT, a comprehensive and validate pre-employment assessment

Collaborating with your human resources and hiring executives, we optimize:

  • Applicant Screening. Our process focuses on screening candidates to provide greater confidence that an individual’s strengths and motivators align with the qualities needed for success in a position. Qualifying a candidate pool before the hiring managers conduct their interviews is both a time and money-saving benefit for our customers.
  • Assessment Training. If you hire a large number of employees throughout the year, we can train your hiring team in our proprietary process. Our team is always available for consultation.
  • Position Development. A position description and job posting are crafted. Behaviors and characteristics essential to successful performance are identified as a baseline for assessment.
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