When is the best time to consider Succession Planning? 
Long before you need it.

Your organizational success depends on securing the right people for the right positions at the right time. In a perfect world, the energy invested in making that happen would flow naturally into succession, with the ideal candidate ready when the need arose. But that’s rarely the case. And reality can prove costly.

By helping you integrate succession management into your strategic plan, FCCS can help you prepare for top-level change, mitigate the risk of losing key employees and give your exceptional talent a reason to stay.

We do so by bringing powerful tools, data, assessments and more to craft a succession plan customized to your organization. Collaborating with your organizations leaders, we then conduct regular reviews and structured tracking to:

  • Achieve long-term business results
  • Grow internal human capital capacity
  • Drive individual developmental activities
  • Maximize diversity
  • Identify areas where external selection is the stronger choice

Our process addresses every dimension of succession planning

We can help you succeed with a proven six-step plan that:

1. Links talent development to organizational strategy. Are strategic needs driving talent and skill decisions?
2. Identifies key roles and timing. What positions are at risk? Where does buying talent make sense?
3. Defines competencies. Is there agreement on skills/abilities needed for effective performance?
4. Observes/evaluates performance. How do individuals perform relative to defined competencies?
5. Reviews talent. What strengths/weaknesses are revealed through employee evaluations?
6. Measures and verifies. Are succession management objectives realized?

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