It takes extensive resources to identify, interview and hire new team members. Losing those new employees costs even more. Studies show that up to 87% of new employees are not committed to their job until after 6 months. A good onboarding process can go a long way to engaging and retaining your new employees – from the CEO to the receptionist.

Many organizations confuse orientation and onboarding. Onboarding is a management discipline that includes effective orientation but also strategically integrates and accelerates the relationship-building process with the key internal and external stakeholders who need to be key partners in the success of a new hire. The result is accelerated learning and understanding of expectations critical to job performance. Many organizations recognize a need to assess, clarify and optimize their onboarding processes from both tactical and relational perspectives.

Our consultants can help your organization create an onboarding process to connect with your newest employees, ensuring that their new employee excitement evolves to engagement and productivity.

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