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New Leadership Experience Takes to the Ocean

FCCS is offering a new leadership adventure on the high seas with “Holding the Edge,” a hybrid learning experience culminating in a five-day sea kayaking and camping challenge.

“This is an exciting opportunity to challenge yourself physically and emotionally, and strengthen your leadership skills in the face of difficult and changing conditions,” says John Regentin, Director, Gettysburg Leadership Experience and leader of Holding the Edge. “The art of kayaking, like the art of leadership, depends on choosing the right direction and holding to your strategy – in this experience, the kayak’s edge – through any and all challenges, long enough to achieve the right path.”

Appropriate for individuals at any leader level, Holding the Edge will begin with five virtual sessions in February and March that will cover expedition expectations and essential technical skills, as well as key leadership concepts like planning and forecasting, adaptation and communication. The sea kayaking adventure will span five days in March in North Carolina’s barrier islands.

“This course will highlight how to lead in a dynamic environment, considering multiple variables and accommodating multiple perspectives,” says John. “The group learning environment will be challenging, and will offer immense and immediate opportunities for feedback and growth.”

John is an experienced expedition leader with nearly 20 multi-week sea kayaking journeys under his belt. His longest trip was guiding a group across the Baltic Sea from Stockholm to Helsinki, and he’s currently planning an expedition from Labrador to Newfoundland, following a historic Viking route.

Proficient swimming skills are not required for Holding the Edge because personal flotation devices will be worn, but participants should be comfortable around open water and with a camping environment.

“Kayaking offers a great leadership metaphor, as you set a goal and a path to achieve it, working independently but alongside others to reach the objective, and facing challenges like tides and wind and rain that force you to adjust your thinking while staying true to your path,” says Lisa Cavanaugh, Vice President of Leadership Development Experiences for FCCS. “This new learning experience from the FCCS Accelerate Center is immersive and complex, and will deliver powerful lessons in planning, responding to rapidly changing elements and experiencing the consequences of your decisions.”

For more information on Holding the Edge or to be added to the pre-registration list, contact John Regentin at 717.752.0495.

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