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Responding to a Changed and Changing World

Without question, all of our lives have changed in recent weeks. Amidst fears and confusion about a growing pandemic, as individuals and as businesses we’ve had to figure out how to move forward. What’s gratifying for FCC Services is to learn how our clients are doing just that: adjusting how they deliver for their customers and how they encourage their employees.

“We would really like to commend Farm Credit for coming together so quickly in response to this crisis to support their borrowers,” says Chad Moller, FCC Services CFO/COO and interim CEO. “Everyone is operating very consistently and moved quickly into their business continuity plans and shifted their operational processes so they can continue to serve their customer-owners, who are so vital to America.”

FCC Services was well-positioned to join other organizations in shifting to a work-from-home status, as all of our consultants and other employees were already equipped with the technology and connectivity to support a flexible workplace philosophy. We, like others, are leaning on platforms like Zoom to host one-on-one, team and company-wide meetings to both facilitate work efforts and remain connected.

From the safety of their homes, our team continues to deliver consulting and virtual facilitation services to boards of directors, leadership teams and developing professionals, and insurance customers across the country.

Of course, in light of the pandemic we’ve had to cancel many of our live events, including our spring conferences, leadership development programs, and programs at The Gettysburg Leadership Experience and the Lewis & Clark Experience. At the same time, we’ve moved some of our programs to digital platforms and have launched new online programs to continue delivering our leadership development insights to our clients.

Many board meetings have moved to a virtual environment, enabling important governance work to continue in the era of self-quarantine, including board self-evaluation and peer evaluation. FCC Services has been facilitating evaluation debrief sessions remotely, helping clients obtain the full benefits of their evaluation processes.

We’ve also launched a series of e-learning sessions that address multiple facets of the new business environment [See below for a schedule of our virtual learning programs for your teams, executives and directors.] and will continue to explore how we can deliver our expert training and education in ways that make sense for our clients, today and into the future.

“FCC Services is reaching out to engage with clients to help their teams navigate their challenges,” says Chad. “We’re also taking this time to think about the best way to move forward after this crisis, applying the lessons we’re learning to innovate and create even better solutions to support our clients.”

FCC Services hopes to return to our programs, conferences and events soon, and looks forward to seeing our valued clients in person again. In the meantime, click here to connect with any of our talented team members. We miss engaging with our clients, but are proud to serve you as we can online and remotely during this crisis.

Virtual Learning Programs and Training Brought to You By FCC Services

Leadership Lesson Webinars

Uncertainty, Crisis & Renewal: The Board’s Role
April 9, 2020
10 a.m. Eastern/7 a.m. Pacific

This special live 60-minute event for board members and C-level executives will feature two expert faculty members from the highly rated Governance Series programs for agribusiness cooperatives and Farm Credit institutions, Dr. Anjan Thakor and Dr. Elliot Schreiber. They will discuss critical areas of focus for boards as their organizations, members/owners and stakeholders confront the current pandemic crisis.

THE Online Strategic Communications Program with FCC Services and Ryan Avery – Go From A to THE Leader (See Services Spotlight Article for more information.)

The program brings you accessible and distinct communication strategies to:

For more information go to or contact

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